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Oxon Boat Painting Company LTD (known as OBPCo. LTD, our, we)
The customer named in the quotation (known as the customer, you, your)

OBPCo. LTD - Terms and conditions for Quotations and Booking

  1. Quotations
    (i) All quotations are issued to the customer under the Terms and conditions for Quotations and Booking.
    (ii) When a quotation is issued a contract is formed between OBPCo. LTD and 'The Customer', the details of which are only contained within the document OBPCo. LTD - Terms and conditions for Quotations and Booking (which is displayed in full here).
    (ii) All quotations given online or over the telephone are subject to approval by Oxon.
    (iii) A quotation will not be fixed until it is approved.
    (iv) Approval will be given after we have viewed your boat and arrangements for this can be made at your convenience.
    (v) Boats can either be brought to us at one of our locations or we can travel to view you boat, however charges may apply for visits that are outside a 25 mile radius of our company office in Banbury.

  2. Availability of time slots and provisional bookings
    (i) If you would like to book a repaint please email or telephone us to enquire about availbility.
    (ii) We will notify you of all available time slots that suit your requirements.
    (iii) Your chosen time slot will be termed ‘provisionally reserved time slot’. 
    (iv) A ‘provisionally reserved time slot’ does not carry any guarantee that we will hold that time slot for you.  However, this slot will carry your name until we have interest from another party.  At that time you will be contacted to ask whether you would like to hold your ‘provisionally reserved time slot’ with a deposit.

  3. How to hold a provisionally reserved time slot in your name
    (i) Before deposits are received by OBPCo. LTD, the time slot you nominate will be known as a ‘provisionally reserved time slot’. 
    (ii) To secure your slot with us a deposit of £1000.00 is required. 
    (iii) The deposit shall be treated as part payment of the total sum due for the repaint.
    (iv) Our receipt of a deposit do not confirm that we have approved an online quotation or quotation given over the phone.
    (v) Deposits are non refundable unless otherwise stated in point 5 'Refunding Deposits'. 
    (vi) The deposit guarantees that you have a time slot reserved with us in your name and that slot will not be given to another customer unless you cancel your booking or it is cancelled by us.
    (vii) A secured booking is termed ‘reserved time slot’.
    (viii) We reserve the right to cancel a booking if necessary. If we cancel a booking you will be refunded your deposit.
    (ix) We will confirm the start and end dates for you reserved time slot by email. 
    (x) We reserve the right to move booking dates to either 29 days before or after the stated start date. 
    (xi)  Deposits can be paid by BACS or by cheque sent in the post (please make cheques payable to Oxon Boat Painting Co LTD).

  4. Cancelation
    (i) If you need to cancel please contact us immediately.  When you have confirmed a time slot, our agreement is a legal contract and your deposit is non refundable. 
    (ii) If you need to cancel a booking due to adverse weather conditions or exceptional family circumstances we are happy to transfer your booking to another date if at all possible, without loss of your original deposit.  Please contact us to discuss.

  5. Refunding Deposits
    (i) If OBPCo. LTD are forced to move the dates of a customer’s reserved slot either back or forward by 30 days without customer consent then we will refund a deposit if required.


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