Life on the water...

My own private thoughts and ignorance about the canals and waterways. (And no-one else's, except as quoted.)

Grandma Briefs blogs granny buttons
17 Aug 2012 at 8:27am
What is it about grandmothers and buttons? Grandma?s Briefs is a lovely blog from America, from a self-described ?long-distance grandma navigating the waters of grandparenting?. Yesterday she wrote a piece called ?Granny?s Buttons?, in which she described the two tins...

Liquid history in DC
1 Jun 2012 at 2:49pm
"The Thames is liquid history", wrote some bloke I can't be bothered to google. When it comes to old waterways stories, we Brits tend to think we have the market cornered. Maybe, we think, just across the English Channel, the...

Roadside shrine gives me a towpath maintenance idea
20 May 2012 at 2:31pm
Several weeks ago a young man was knocked off his scooter and killed on the busy A38 dual carriageway, opposite the entrance to Streethay Wharf boatyard. Another dark day, another sad death, another bleak statistic. I was (fortunately) late to...

Great Mug of Ware
14 May 2012 at 11:34pm
I'm sitting at my home desk, enjoying tea from a mug branded 'IWA Ware Boat Festival 2007'. It's not mine; I stole it. Well, I 'salvaged' it. And I've always felt a little bit guilty about this. The last time...

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Hand painting all types of boats and specialising in the restoration/replication of historical working narrowboats, the company is based at Brinklow Boat Services building and fitting yard which is an established boatyard well known for it's quality in this particular area of the industry.

Full shotblasting services available for hull and top sides at our heated facility in Leicestershire. Two component Epoxy Pitch is apllied after blasting. Bitumen blacking services also at Brinklow dry dock which envolves preparaton of the hull using hand tools and then applying single component tar based paints.


Acomplised signwriting and traditional geometric designs can be applied here at Brinklow, aswell as beautiful illustrations painted straight on to your boat.